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Capturing the big, small, and in-between moments

Maybe you’re about the nontraditional and anything but ordinary.

Maybe you’re more about getting your dress a little dirty, sitting by the fire, getting dinner from a food truck, or hiking up a mountain.

Are we on the same wavelength here?



 Behind the camera.

lifestyle + wedding Photographer

Based in Massachusetts


Things that make my heart beat a little harder than usual are good friends, good music and good food. Oh, and dogs, give me all the dogs.

My people mean more than anything to me and I will go to the ends of the earth for them. Something I will always stand by and believe in is making sure I vibe well and am a good fit for my couples, so the time we spend together creates some of your best memories that can live on through the photos I take.

So, now that we’ve scratched the surface -


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